Melbourne Chauffeur Cars for Royalty

I remember when my mum wouldn’t let me have the expensive biscuits in the cupboard and she’d joke they we’re for when the queen popped over. As a kid I thought that was a pretty dumb thing to say and never thought it especially likely and while I can’t fault the logic there, I have to say it’s a lovely concept.
I have always loved that I was raised to treat nice things as a treasure. I think growing up with enough to be comfortable and to just very occasionally indulge in a real treat really gives one a sense of occasion. I’m sure there are people quite used to getting around in limos with private chauffeurs but that is most definitely not us. I had never even organised chauffeur cars before my wedding and having Lux Limo Hire look after us on that one special day really created that sense of occasion, that one day when we got to feel like royalty.

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